Land Settlement Office (1950)

This building dates from the Second World War Soldier Settlement Scheme on Flinders Island. This was a crucial turning point in the island's history. From 1951 to the early 1960s over 33,000 hectares of land was drained and cleared for farming and the population more than doubled in size.

The building was located at Summer Camp which was the main field headquarters for the Scheme. It was known as the Works Office. From this office the Overseer issued instructions for jobs and checked work tickets recording the week's work before sending them to the Pay Office.

When the last Overseer departed in 1964 the Works Office remained untouched. It was relocated to the Museum site in the 1970s and is exhibited just as it was in 1950. Items addressed to and written by the Overseer are still on the desk.

The Land Settlement Office

Keys still hanging in the office