The Collection

Surprising treasures

The Museum's collection is displayed in a cluster of five buildings. Each building is of local historical significance and is itself part of the collection.

You'll find everything from hand-made toys to a snake in a jar, shipwreck relics to Killiecrankie 'diamonds', a miniature Bible to mutton-birding artefacts, and much more.

Items of national importance include a rare collection of 22 traditional Aboriginal shell necklaces and an anchor from the 8th oldest known shipwreck in Australian waters (the Sydney Cove, 1797).

Over 150 albums contain hundreds of photographs and documents covering almost every conceivable aspect of life in the Furneaux Islands right up to the present day. Shipwrecks, family histories, and island events are some of the popular topics.

The catalogue of albums and artefacts can be viewed on eHive.

Find out more about each building and what's inside it by clicking on:

> Dryazell Cottage and Mrs Gray’s Room
> Mutton-bird Processing Shed
> Nissen Hut 
> Land Settlement Office
> Whitemark Police Cells

Cape Barren Island shell necklaces, 1920s

Convict leg-irons, 1830s