Tragedies and Triumphs: Shipwrecks of the Furneaux Group

Since the late 1700s all manner of seafarers have braved Bass Strait. Sealers, whalers, convicts and immigrants have faced biting winds, wild seas and - above all - the unknown. Uncharted reefs and shoals, strong currents and unknown tides made conditions perilous.

Since the Sydney Cove in 1797, over a hundred ships have come to grief in Bass Strait, taking their crew and cargo to the bottom of the sea.

But sometimes - through bravery, another's self-sacrifice, or sheer luck - some shipwreck victims managed to survive.

This exhibition tells the stories of four ships wrecked in the Furneaux Islands in eastern Bass Strait: the Brittomart (1839), the Governor Phillip (1848), the George Marshall (1862) and the G.W.Wolff (1912).